About Us

The Company

Large cities in China benefit from foreign schools and western companies aiding in the development of their English skills and business development.  People and businesses in smaller communities find themselves with few or no options to turn to when looking abroad for opportunities in education, business or tourism. 

Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy is a Chinese-Canadian joint venture  created to meet this need. We provide native English language traning, translation and consulting services combining outstanding foreign experts and techniques supported and backed by the established and trusted Zhaojin brand and expertise.

Zhaojin Yellowknife Academy offers youth and adult English training in the form of classes, tutoring and intensives. These are on-par with language schools in first-tier cities: total fluency, cultural immersion, and exciting modern techniques.

We also offer translation and consulting services that will keep your international business operations free of miscommunications and is understandings.

Our Approach

Our Teachers

Our foreign teachers are skilled professionals who live and work in Canada, and have taken time out of their busy lives to come to China and teach and experience Chinese culture. Canada is a country with a desirable neutral accent and an excellent, friendly relationship with China. Our teachers have professional backgrounds in everything from Film Production, Business, and Finance so our students are sure to be educated beyond simple language acquisition. We don’t dilute our teachers, all classes are lead by foreign teachers at all times and we never exceed a ratio of one foreign teacher to fifteen children.

Full Cultural Immersion

Language Immersion is in every classroom in our school, but we are also teaching something that you can’t study in a textbook: Culture. If you want to succeed in business with western countries, you will quickly learn that understanding English is only half of the challenge..

Advanced Learning Techniques

Many Chinese students work incredibly hard to learn English using techniques that are more than 50 years out of date. We use scientifically proven techniques and tailor everything for students’ individual needs. We know some things work well for one student and not for another. We will find the method that works for you.


The academy was founded by two canadians, Paige Saunders and Marvic Adecer who started to work on the project in 2013. The school is a joint venture beetween Yellowknife English Academy Holdings and Zhaojin Education (A subsidiary of Zhaojin mining). The school first opened it's doors in May 2014 and has grown to help more than 200 students learn english and western business culture.



当佩奇桑德斯先生第一次来从加拿大的耶洛奈夫来到中国的时候,他注意到这里在英语教育上存在一些问题:低质的外籍教师,缺乏语言浸入式教育以及过时的教学方法。幸运的是,招金教育已经注意到了同样的问题,但对他们来说 ,最大的挑战是教师。因为他们知道,好的教师是任何学校的关键所在,但是基于招远的限制很难找到优秀的外教老师。





我们的外教老师是加拿大的专业技术工作人员,他们离开自己繁忙的工作和生活,抽出一段时间来中国任教和感受中国文化。他们几乎全部来自于加拿大—— 一个有理想口音和中国有着友好关系的国家。英语是他们的第一语言。并且我们的外教老师都有很专业的文化和知识背景,从电影制作到金融,无不涉及。所以我们的学生肯定会受到远远超出单纯获得语言的教育。我们的外教与学生的比例始终保持1:15.